All About the Baes: Secret Location

Every month, you can expect a DMP produced R&B party, complete with a curated mix of hip hop and hyphy. All About the Baes was established in April 2017 and after presenting a successful music festival for the Bay Area, DMP is endlessly working to host unique parties.

Our secret venue sparked the buzz around the September Baes party. After several days of teasing and slowly revealing the events’ new features via Instagram and Twitter, we finally dropped the location — The Great Northern.

At 10pm, the crowd lined down the block to enter the highly anticipated event. Once inside, our guests were greeted by two bars, the Baes Photo Booth with the chance to take an unlimited amount of pictures, and the official release of our Baes Hats. The Great Northern’s high ceilings, extensive dance floor, and industrial architecture invited the baes to enjoy an ambience far from the usual club scene.

Under the chandeliers and captivating visuals, Paul Jerel, DJ Sparky, and Devarock opened up the night with hip hop throwbacks and timeless R&B gems. After, Just Theo, performed a special birthday set, and DJ Midnight and Hella Irry closed the night.

#HellaIrry #JustTheo #DJMidnight #PaulJerel #Devarock #DJSparky #BayArea #DMP #TheTakeover #DMPMusicFestival #RB

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