DMP Haunted House Party

To shake up our usual routine of weekly nightclub events in the city, we decided to cross the bay and post up in the town for Halloween Weekend. Guests dressed to the nines in Halloween spirit and lined the streets of Old Oakland’s historic neighborhood for DMP's Haunted House Party. From the bar, to the dance floor, and onwards through the second floor, angels, devils, superheroes, and cartoon characters filled Parliament’s industrial, contemporary space. This array of costumes decorated the colorful crowd as they swayed to the DJ’s live sounds. Celi, Brandon Jay, Devarock, DJ Midnight, and Paul Jerel mixed the night’s soundtrack as guests sang along to their favorite throwbacks and rocked to today’s hottest hip hop music. What better way to kick off the weekend? To officially end the spooky season, join us on Halloween night at the Grand SF for this month's closing celebration.

#DMP #TheDMPTakeover #HauntedHouseParty #Oakland #RB #Hiphop #Music #BayArea #DJMidnight #Celi #PaulJerel #BrandonJay #Devarock

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